Dave Myslinski, co-owner and president of Custom Built Displays in Buffalo, started out as a one-man operation in his garage.  His business has grown so much that he now has a full-time staff of over 20 people and has a facility that includes custom millwork and metal fabrication. Most of their work includes manufacturing refrigerated and non-refrigerated merchandising fixtures for hot and cold food bars in major grocery store chains around the United States and Canada.

As Dave developed his company and took on new customers, he realized that he needed a metal cutting solution that would save time and money.  Up until this point he was using a router with a stainless steel bit to cut parts for salad bars and other food displays. So, he decided to contact a machine tool distributor to research more productive cutting options.  Dave took a little time out of his very busy schedule to tell us about shopping for a CNC plasma system. “Once we got established we started to look at alternatives. We looked at lasers, we looked at plasma cutters, but eventually we decided on an EZ Cut CNC machine because it fit what we needed to do.”


Custom Built Displays operates a 5’x10′ EZ Cut CNC table with a Hypertherm Powermax 85 plasma cutter.


Two examples of hot/cold food merchandising displays manufactured by Custom Built Displays.

Dave went on to explain what he needed in a CNC plasma cutting table. “I was looking for a cost-effective solution,” he told us during the interview. But he was also looking for top quality customer service. “Everybody I called said your service was above par so that’s where I wanted to go.”

“Threw a piece of steel on there and cut it.  In about 10 minutes, I was actually running the machine,” Dave tells us about the first time he operated an EZ Cut CNC system. Typically, EZ Cut CNC technicians will train new customers for up to two full days. But, Dave felt comfortable enough that he didn’t need any more training. He was ready to put his new CNC plasma cutting table to work.  “That’s what impressed me most was the ease of which I could take a shape and cut it on the machine.”


Custom Built Displays now fabricates signage for Time Warner Cable and other customers outside of the food industry.

Another major concern that Dave had was how well the system would cut stainless steel. “Ninety percent of what I cut is stainless. I have to do a lot of vent holes for the salad bars and I was worried about the quality of cut, the deburring I would have to do, and the set-up of cutting stainless.” Dave was reassured when talking with Steve Dinsmore of EZ Cut CNC that this would not be an issue. “He (Steve) came down, set the machine up, and it ran perfectly.”

Over the last couple of years, they have expanded their business to other customers in the food service industry. “We’ve branched into food trucks. That was a natural step for us.” Custom Built Displays has seen new business from a variety of industries but designing and rebuilding food trucks seems to be the latest craze. “We’re able to size up the doors, draw them, and cut them out on the plasma table. It took us from something that would take four hours manually to thirty minutes. It’s saving us a lot of time.”


The food truck boom has helped Custom Built Displays bring on new customers.

Dave Myslinski and Custom Built Displays is just one of many EZ Cut CNC customers who have seen an increase in business after adding a CNC plasma cutting system.  With a high quality cutting solution and a solid business plan, Dave feels confident that Custom Built Displays will continue to see his sales numbers go up. “What it allowed us to do is actually grow our business. We’re able to get more metal through the metal division which in turn gets more products out the door.”