Harrison & Harrison Enterprises (HHE) is located in Crawfordsville, IN and is owned by Chris Harrison.  Chris bought the metal fabrication business several years ago from a friend and has recently moved into a new, larger space for expanded production.  Within his facility, Chris does a variety of fabrication and manufacturing.  Some of his day-to-day work includes high-volume manufacturing, restoration, and custom metal fabrication.  The majority of his work comes from contracts with well-known waste management companies in the USA and abroad.

When Chris first bought the business, an older CNC plasma cutting system was included.  The cutting table was prone to causing problems even though it was an expensive, high-end system at the time.  “It was too complex,” Chris told us. “Part availability was becoming an issue. Plus we had to deal with two different companies…the one that built the table and the one that built the controller. So we didn’t know where to start when we had a problem.”


HHE was at the point where they needed a reliable solution for cutting components for their waste management products.  After the frustrating experience with the previous system, Chris knew exactly what he needed. “We were looking for a machine that we could bring in here, set-up with minimal training and minimal down-time so we could be manufacturing again.”


HHE operates both 5’x10′ CNC plasma cutting systems every day of the week

In the spring of 2012, Chris purchased two 5′ x 10′ EZ Cut CNC down draft tables with Hypertherm Powermax 85 plasma cutters. The tables process at least 60,000 lbs of steel each week and run about eight hours every day.  Chris will also cut parts on weekends for some of his custom fabrication work.  Needless to say, Chris relies on his EZ Cut CNC systems to perform each and every day.  He even claims to be saving about 8 hours of labor each day since upgrading.


HHE does a variety of custom fabrication (pictured in the foreground) and high-volume manufacturing.

“When we looked to upgrade, we were looking for three things: durability, reliability, and the simplicity of the machine,” Chris explained.  After carefully looking at EZ Cut CNC and three competing systems, Chris had made up his mind. “We put three months of research in before making a decision. And, at the end of that three months, we felt that the easy and obvious decision was going to be EZ Cut CNC.”