CNC Plasma Cutting Tables for Industrial Metal Cutting and Custom Metal Fabrication

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Industry leaders in CNC plasma cutting
systems for custom metal fabricators

Our systems include everything you need to start cutting!



- CNC Plasma Table
- Mechanized Plasma Cutter
- CNC Controller
- On-Site Training

- Computer & Stand
- Drawing & Cutting Software
- Automatic Torch Height Control
- Tech Support by Phone & Email

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Customer Profiles

Find out how EZ Cut CNC customers are using their plasma cutting systems

 Plasma CNC Table Models & Sizes

cnc plasma cutting table

All CNC plasma cutting tables can function as a down draft or water table. Find out more about our systems: EZ Cut 5000 Series (4’x8′), EZ Cut 8000 Series (5’x10′), and the EZ Cut 11000 Series (6’x12′).

Plasma Cutter Options

cnc plasma table

Choose from a variety of conventional air, mixed-gas, HD and Precision cnc plasma cutting machines. 

Videos by EZ Cut CNC

Watch CNC plasma cutter videos

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An Introduction to the Thermal Dynamics SMART PLASMARC 200

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