CNC Plasma Cutting Tables for Industrial Metal Cutting and Custom Metal Fabrication

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Industry leaders in CNC plasma cutting
systems for custom metal fabricators

Our systems include everything you need to start cutting!



- CNC Plasma Table
- Mechanized Plasma Cutter
- CNC Controller
- On-Site Training

- Computer & Stand
- Drawing & Cutting Software
- Automatic Torch Height Control
- Tech Support by Phone & Email

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Customer Profiles

Find out how EZ Cut CNC customers are using their plasma cutting systems

 Plasma CNC Table Models & Sizes

cnc plasma cutting table

All CNC plasma cutting tables can function as a down draft or water table. Find out more about our systems: EZ Cut 5000 Series (4’x8′), EZ Cut 8000 Series (5’x10′), and the EZ Cut 11000 Series (6’x12′).

Plasma Cutter Options

cnc plasma table

Choose from a variety of conventional air, mixed-gas, HD and Precision cnc plasma cutting machines. 

Videos by EZ Cut CNC

Watch CNC plasma cutter videos

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Introduction to CNC Plasma Cutting Software

CNC plasma cutters can bring to life the creations you have dreamt of, help you complete projects and make a variety things that range from small parts of a larger assembly to large works of art and everything in between. The possibilities with CNC plasma cutters are truly endless. CNC plasma cutting software holds a world of possibility because it… Read More

Benefits of Mechanized Plasma Cutting Systems

At EZCut CNC, we are proud to provide our clients with a full spectrum of plasma cutting systems.  With our selection, there is a plasma cutting system that is right for every client and every application.  While handheld plasma cutting may work in some instances, mechanized plasma cutting is ideal for the majority of applications. provides an explanation of… Read More